how to run webp image on adobe photoshop

Run WebP image format in Adobe Photoshop

What is Webp Image? Webp is a new image format which is being developed by google. Google acquired this technology with purchase of On2 tecnologies. According to Google’s measurements, a conversion from PNG to WebP results in a 45% reduction in file size when starting with PNGs found on the web, and a 28% reduction compared to PNGs that are recompressed with pngcrush and PNGOUT. …

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failed to start Pubg emulator

How to fix PUBG Failed to Start Emulator GameLoop

What is failed to start emulator error? After installing Gameloop for the first time and Downloading Pubg or COD Mobile you might face this error which pops up and says Failed to start emulator after you run Pubg and now a days it happens even on Call of Duty on Tencents new Emulator named GameLoop. Actually during installation of the …

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StartupCheckLibrary.dll and winscomrssrv.dll error on Windows Startup

As the name shows StartupCheckLibrary.dll and winscomrssrv.dll are related with startup. Therefore it is creating errors for us on startup. Windows operating system require Dll files to run programs. Most programs you run on computers need these files. So to keep the load low, these files are shared between different programs so a single file works for many without putting …

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Windows Photo Viewer. Why and How to restore in Windows 10

Why to Restore old Photo Viewer in Windows 10? Windows 10 Photos is the latest image Viewer which is good because of the Dark theme but it takes more memory than the older Windows 7 Photos Viewer. I also prefer older version because it is fast and has extra options which let you easily print with availability of printing single …

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Aliexpress shipping service scam exposed

AliExpress Online Shipping Service Scam Exposed

What is AliExpress? Aliexpress is one of the most used website worldwide for Shopping Online from China. It also holds the record of U$ 9.3 Billion sales online in 24 Hours. It has secure terms and services. You can not be looted by scams out there easily. If you buy something and do not get it, Then a claim will …

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Am and pm in timing

Timing in Am and Pm means in detail?

There are two formats of timing used around the world which are 12 hours and 24 hours respectively. You can call them universal formats. We are listening Am and Pm since our childhood and almost every one knows that after every 12 hours, Am and Pm change places but do we actually know what they really mean? If no then …

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Wallet can can cause physical damage if not used properly

Most of the men with Desk Jobs face back pain problems or even those who travel a lot. Our title has mentioned wallet to be the reason but how? A new research has found the main reason for back pain in men. A new research has found that those men who store there wallet in there back pocket while they sit …

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Messenger introduced on Browser as site by Facebook

Facebook is introducing there Messenger App to their users. They actually are forcing to use that app. People are really annoyed by this specially when they want to check msgs on Facebook app solely. But then they get message that “Install messenger app to check your messages”. Messenger App now on Browser Now facebook introduced their messaging app on Browser. …

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The way to increase you wifi range was always in your Kitchen

Every one want strong connectivity signals that reach the corners of there premises so they can use it anywhere. But not every wifi device supports long range. But you will be amazed to know that the way to increase your Wifi range always laid in your kitchen. The thing that can increase your internet range from your Kitchen is Tea …

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